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    Canned ham  

Preppers, Survivalists and even just savvy people in general know that the ability to communicate with the outside world, or even Family and Team members can be a game-changer in a bad situation.  Cell phones, E-mail and text messaging capability have all been instrumental in keeping us connected.  But what if those options go away, as a result of a natural disaster, power outage or even financial trouble?


A great option to have at your disposal are VHF/UHF radios, whether that means Handheld or Vehicle/Stationary-mounted higher-powered units. At Amendment 1 Preparedness, We believe You can have the best of both. A Man-Portable high-powered dual band radio, in a rugged and waterproof Ammo Can. The ability to quickly employ them in different vehicles, from a fixed location or even "in the bush" with no external power source makes them even more flexible. How about a "Team Package" with Our "Canned Ham" paired with as many handheld units as your needs dictate, all programmed to function flawlessly together? Sound good? then please take a look at the link below.